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Standing positions

09/12/2011 17:28


Standing sex positions

sex - other positionsWell, these are the adventurous versions of some of the positions you have already seen - some of them are just for fun, and some of them are only for the fit and supple. Why try them? Well, you certainly don't need to, if you are happy with the way things are in your love life. But as we said in the introduction, if your love life is flagging through boredom and you're feeling that sex has become a bit monotonous, then trying some new positions can be a way to boost your excitement and passion. I think that lovers who are trying slightly more complicated positions than the standard missionary, rear entry and side by side will be able to play with these positions and find their own favorites - above all, have fun, and enjoy yourselves! Sex should be playful as well as passionate!

If you're going to try standing sex positions then you need to be fit and fairly strong - especially if you're trying to carry your partner while she's mounted on your erect member! If you aren't confident of success, we'd recommend that you don't try these positions - there's no point risking a broken penis!

And that raises an interesting question - why would you even want to try standing sex positions? Well, there were a lot of jokes around in my younger days about "knee tremblers" behind the bike sheds at school: maybe the whole point of standing sex is to be able to do it quickly, when there are no beds or other conveniences, either out of necessity or for the sheer thrill of it! (Airplane toilets at 60,000 feet, maybe? Which prompts me to add a note to premature ejaculators...while quick sex may be desirable in some circumstances, and a fast ejaculation suitable for sexual adventures such as joining the mile high club, it's not conducive to sexual pleasure in all circumstances, so you can always go here if you'd like to stop premature ejaculatiom and as added bonus for both of you during lovemaking, and discover the art of sexual stamina.

Standing sex is most likely to work when you're both roughly the same height, so if the man is taller, then the best way to get it together is to have the woman stand on something strong enough to support her. Then, the best way for the man to get into his partner is to start with him bending his knees while the couple embrace loosely, facing each other, so that the man can enter his partner as he straightens up. He can thrust fairly strongly if the couple's height's right, and if the woman leans backwards a little bit, then his pelvic bone can press against her clitoris each time he thrusts. To get deeper penetration, the woman should stand one one leg and hook the other one around him. He can hold her thigh to add support, and he can hold her round her butt to help rock her on his erect cock. Take this a stage further if you like by having her completely supported on his hips - or resting her butt on a table if he doesn't have the strength to hold her up. You can see how all this works more clearly in the pictures below.

For even more variety, if you're the woman, stand facing away from your man, and have him enter you from behind as you bend forward. He can get into you deeply, and his hands are free to play with anything else that takes your fancy!

All in all, standing sex is a position you might want to explore, ready for those moments when you want a quickie, you just can't wait, and you just have to have your partner NOW! Apart from the quick satisfaction of an urgent fuck, there isn't a lot of sensuousness or romance in this sex position! But if it's what you need, what you want, and the time and the  place are right, then go for it!

Standing intercourse is associated with the urgency of early sexual attraction and takes on an especially intense eroticism all of its own. We don't recommend resorting to it in the very first instances of having sex. That's because it's not intimate enough to help you bond as a couple, and it needs a high level of cooperation and communication for both man and woman to enjoy it.

This sex position is pretty easy but for those who have never experienced it, here's how you do it. Lean your woman with her back to the wall with her legs slightly apart. Support her at the rear with one hand while helping to insert your penis with the other. If she is short, you may have to lift her slightly. You may also have to bend your legs so that your penis is suitably angled. Don't forget that every time you thrust you crash her into the wall - so do your best to partly cushion her back with a free hand. This is exciting as long as your woman is shorter than you. Because of the height difference, you cannot help thrusting upwards and if you press in close your penis should be able to rub and thrust near or possibly on her clitoris. But the position's strongest advantage is that it reeks of excitement, urgency and lust. It can be a massive turn-on in itself.

The Perfumed Garden offers some extremely useful variations of the upright position, including the powerfully athletic Driving the Peg Home, where the male actually lifts the female off the ground until her vagina is at right angles to his upright penis and her knees grasp his thighs as if she were riding a horse. There is also a See-Saw version where the woman hitches one leg over her partner's thigh, thus offering a wider and more comfortable stimulation, and where the couple are exhorted to take it in turns to thrust, first one, then the other, a kind of alternative in-and-out so that each partner gains a sense of control and a choice of angle.

sexual positionsThere may be an association of sex in the standing position with the seedier side of raw, urgent sex, perhaps sex in places where there is a danger of being seen - outdoors in a public place, a stairwell, the store at the office - that kingdom thing - but it is just as suited to sex play at home. It may be easier for the man to penetrate the woman if she raises one leg as shown here. It will certainly be a lot easier if the couple are of a matching height and build, so that his penis is able to enter her vagina easily and allow him to thrust without having to bend his knees too much, which can be extremely tiring. This may be an exciting position, but it does tend to produce less satisfaction at orgasm than others.

The face to face standing position can only be successfully used for sex without adjustments having to be made when the man and woman are more or less the same height.

If the woman is shorter than the man she must stand on something to raise her pubic area to a level with his. Even then, much will depend on the location of her vaginal entrance which needs to be set forward in order for the penis to penetrate to a reasonable depth. This imperfect position is better than nothing, for it does allow very intimate contact to be made and this in itself can be emotionally satisfying, even though the orgasm may not be very intense.

There is a variation of this sexual position called The Tree, where the man stands for sex with his feet apart to steady himself as much as possible, the woman taking her position in front of him, also with feet apart. The penis is put into the vagina, the woman clasps her hands behind her man's back and at the same time he clasps his hands under her bottom.

At a given signal the woman swings her feet off the ground at the same time that the man lifts her bottom, and she grips his hips between her thighs, if possible crossing her feet at the small of his back. Moderately deep penetration occurs. However, the hazards of sex in this position are considerable, and if he happens to drop her while his penis is still inside her, the results can be very damaging indeed, so if you're a man, don't try it unless you are strong enough to hold your partner.

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