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Sexual positions: rear entry - the words and pictures!

09/12/2011 16:47


Sexual positions: rear entry - the words and pictures!

sex - rear entry or doggy styleAh, now, the sexual position men fantasize about more than any other! As a man, it's exciting to see your penis moving in and out of your partner's vulva at the best of times, but when this scene is framed by the cheeks of her bottom, sex in this position becomes something extremely arousing, sexy and downright lustful!

Many women can't quite see why men find this such a turn-on, though they may well be happy to go along with their man's all-too-obvious desire to fuck in this way from time to time. I doubt it's a mainstay for most couples because women tend to find it a bit impersonal: it makes many women feel like they're a sex object. And a huge number of women are very concerned about what they look like in this position - whether their bodies are up to scratch or not. But I'd have to say that most men, when making love in this position, don't spend a lot of time thinking about the ethics of sex or what their partner looks like: they're just consumed with lust and the desire to come inside their partner!

For rear entry sex - also known as doggy style - is extremely arousing for men. It's the primeval, lustful position, the one that comes straight down to us from our animal ancestry. It's the one that we'd have fucked in throughout the development of the human race - and quickly, too, for life could be short, and time spent having sex was time exposed to the attentions of predators or competitors. Does that explain why so many men come so quickly in this position? Yes, probably. And it probably also explains why we find it so arousing - it's the ultimate stimulus to mate: the sight of a willing female's buttocks.

But what about now, in our sophisticated society? The truth is that the animal instincts which make this position so arousing aren't buried very deep in us - we can reach a pitch of lustfulness during rear entry sex perhaps unmatched in any other position, men and women alike. For once a woman has put aside her fears about what she looks like, when she's having sex with her trusted partner, she can find a real liberation of spirit in rear entry sex, a lustfulness, a raw sexual energy, easily the equal of her man's.

So what are the practical aspects of "doggy style sex" that we need to think about? Apart, that is, from the sheer lustfulness of this position? Well, it gives the woman a sense of her sexual power, and she can make a lot of movements, synchronizing her rhythm to match her man's thrusts, or grinding her hips in a circular pattern to give them both extra thrills, or even having him stand still while she moves back and forth along his shaft. This means she can find the best way to stimulate her G spot, which may produce a G spot orgasm for the women.

If a couple want to try it, what advantages does rear entry have? Well, the man has a great deal of flexibility in how he moves, and the type of thrusts he can make. He can thrust deep or shallow as he wishes, and he can see his penis entering his partner, which is always a great turn-on. Either he or she can reach down and stimulate her clitoris, and he can play with her buttocks or anus if that's exciting for them both. All in all, it's a very flexible position, with a lot of alternatives to satisfy both the man and the woman. In general, since men come quicker in this position than any other, most women won't get to orgasm this way....but they can certainly reflect on the fact that rear entry gives them massive influence over how aroused and excited their man is going to get during sex!

And what of the disadvantages? There aren't many, but as we already mentioned, sex in the rear entry position can seem a bit impersonal. You can overcome this by using mirrors, which allow you to look at each other and smile during sex, and also to see the expression on each other's faces.

A word of advice for men: If you find that your penis slips out as you thrust, then hug her closer round the waist and perhaps take shorter strokes. Get her to move with you in a  matching rhythm - which might take a few tries to establish - and you'll find that there's no problem staying inside her, even if your penis is a bit shorter than average.

A beginner's guide to the rear entry sexual position (aka "doggy style")

Making rear entry sex work is all about matching the height of your penis to the height of your lover's vaginal opening. Once you've got that sorted, you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding a way in. The female partner might have to raise or lower her hips slightly to let her man get in. Or he can stand on something to gain extra height.

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A few suggestions for varying the basic rear entry sex position

The man stands behind his partner

Having his partner kneel in front of him while he takes her from behind must rank near the top of all men's favorite sex positions: it's raw, it's lustful, and it's deeply appealing to the male psyche. Alternatively, she can stand and lean over as shown in the second position, in which case he is likely to see less of her buttocks, but he can hold her shoulders and guide her movements during sex.


The woman lies on the bed with the man on top of her

As you can see, there's no shortage of variations on the basic rear entry sexual position. You can experiment until you find the position where the angle of entry of the penis into the vagina gives you both the greatest pleasure. And, depending on your preferences, you can lie down with the man on top, or the man can kneel over the woman (though you need to be flexible for this position), or you can raise her hips while the man fucks her from behind as shown in the third photo. Somewhere in all these possibilities you'll find the one that's best for you both!

One thing worth noting about these variations is that a woman's G spot can be stimulated much more strongly by her lover's penis than in the basic rear entry, so you might need extra lube, especially if you're sensitive in that area.

Rear entry sex when you're sitting

Rear entry sitting in a chair is a good position for couples when one of them is disabled or not very strong. If you want to keep your sex in the bedroom, then the photos below might give you some idea of how you can adapt the position. You can also do this facing each other, though of course that would hardly be "rear entry" sex! Each of these positions offers its own sensations, its own excitement and its own adventure - often a great deal of the pleasure that comes from trying new sex positions is the sense of doing something new and different.

A man's viewpoint

As a man I tend to think of sex in terms of rear entry - at least, that is, when I'm idly fantasizing about what I might do if I got the chance! Does this mean rear entry represents an easy way to cut off from the human connection of sex? Well, maybe, but does that matter? Fantasy is fantasy, and I'm sure women enjoy the idea of doing something rude and lewd with someone they hardly know just as much as men. The problem comes when the sheer sexiness of rear entry sex makes a man in a relationship forget who he's having sex with (his partner) and think he's shafting any old vagina! But that's how exciting it is - at least for me. The sight of my penis coming out of her vulva, glistening with her juices, her buttocks opening invitingly is just too much for me: thoughts of love go out of the window and seem to be replaced by lust quite quickly! So there probably is some basis for women complaining that rear entry makes them feel like sex objects, but then again, sometimes sex is like that -  raw, primal, lustful and just a "quick fuck". Surely, it's the safety of the relationship which means you can enjoy those feelings with each other?

And in any case, I think women can be just as turned on by the idea of rear entry as men. It's a way for a woman to present herself as a sexual being - to let her sexual nature come to the fore, to let go of all the ideas of being a "good" girl, and to enjoy sex in its rudest, "dirtiest", most basic form. Now, the sad thing is that I've met a fair few woman who talked about rear entry sex being dirty, and really meant it! If you're a man with a woman who thinks it's beyond the limits of acceptable sexual behavior, show her this page and tell her it'll be good for her sexual soul to release the doggy in her once in a while!

This  Sex Positions article is for any couple who want to improve their love life, when a little inspiration is needed. It's a website with explicit yet tasteful pictures of a loving couple making love in over a hundred different positions. Better still, you'll learn how easy it is to turn your partner on to new heights of arousal and desire, and how you can make love with the skill and flair of a modern day Casanova!

Maybe we can get some clues about how men and women see sex in general from their attitudes towards rear entry? Let's try, anyhow! I wonder if women like the idea of rear entry when they're feeling horny, or when they're trying to please their boyfriends? I was once in a relationship with a woman who seemed to get real pleasure from waving her butt in the air, inviting me to enter her from behind, but she didn't do it very often - only when she was at that horny point in her monthly cycle (or on my birthday). Nothing wrong with that, of course (she also offered rear entry sex on holiday in luxurious hotels, I recall. Hmmmm...she said such places made her feel "sensuous").

Perhaps women don't really understand the continuous nature of men's sex drive, the impulse that's with them for much of the time, the drive that makes them want to have rear entry sex - just because it's exciting and they like the idea. But, as any woman who has lived with a man soon realizes, the male sex drive can be a powerful and mysterious thing. Maybe going along with his wish for rear entry sex is exciting for her because of this air of mystery, and rewarding because it serves to please him. Does this sound like the idea that women use sex to please their men? Perhaps so, and why not, as that's pretty much the way it is? I assume women enjoy the sex too!

There's one big drawback, as I see it, and that's the fact that this position can be so arousing that I tend to come rather more quickly than I want. My partner and I do put up with that because it's so exciting, and we're just about OK with the length of the time I can thrust before I come. However, if you feel that you ejaculate too quickly, and you'd like to know how to last longer during sex, try the website which offers great advice on overcoming quick ejaculation and controlling premature ejaculation.


Sex positions: rear entry

Be a great lover and learn about sex positions!

Question: How do I make sex a success when I'm so much taller than my wife? And why does she feel pain when I penetrate her?

Answer: Let's deal with the second question first. Pain on penetration can mean a woman isn't aroused, so her vagina is dry and your penis causes friction as it pushes in. The way to deal with this is to have plenty of foreplay so that she is aroused, and her vagina nicely lubricated, before sex starts. That means plenty of kissing, caressing, gentle stroking, erotic massage, oral sex and gentle touch on her genital areas - but only when she is aroused enough to appreciate it. There are plenty of internet sites which offer advice on foreplay: see, for example, sex and relationships. If you aren't spending about half an hour on foreplay most of the times you have sex, she simply isn't going to be aroused enough to be ready for penetration. Another possibility is that her vagina is naturally dry, so you might want to try using some additional lube: there are plenty on the market, but we recommend Probe or Astroglide.

Next, you need to find the right position. Not all positions suit all couples, especially if they are physically different in size. When the man is taller than the woman, some good options are sitting sex, where she sits in his lap, either facing towards or away from him; woman on top sex; and rear entry if you can find a way of making sure her vagina is level with his erect penis. One advantage of the woman on top position is that she can control the speed and depth of penetration, so if she's frightened about feeling pain when you enter her, she can control how fast that happens. You can always try inserting a finger or two before you enter her to see if she is relaxed and ready to accept you inside her. Generally when a woman is ready for penetration, she'll be rocking her hips or thrusting them upwards or moving them in a gentle wave like motion. You'll soon get used to the signs when you have more sexual experience.

If a woman has a lot of sexual inhibitions or conflicts, she may be inhibited from relaxing during sex: sometimes this takes the form of tight vagina - that is to say, a vagina which clenches so much that the admission of the penis is rather difficult and perhaps painful (vaginismus). Another form of sexual inhibition is when a woman can't relax and enjoy sex, or when she can't reach orgasm. This condition, known as anorgasmia, is actually not difficult to treat with self-help treatments based on the methods of professional sex therapists. If you have difficulty reaching an orgasam or having an orgasam during sex or you have been diagnosed with aborgasmia, try the self help treatments.

Question: I just can't persuade my girl to try doggy style sex. She's not shy about any of the others, but this one, she won't even consider. What can I do about this?

Answer: If this is about your girlfriend's feelings about her body, then you might find that dimming the lights helps. You'll also need to give her loads of reassurance - which you'll probably have to repeat many times. She might be very sensitive about some aspect of her body, and whether or not you see it as an imperfection, it will be very real to her. On the other hand, she might just not like the idea - some women think it is a very demeaning position that puts them in a subordinate position or makes them into a sex object. This won't be helped if she feel she's not in control of what happens - that can be a very live issue for a lot of women during sex, for example if they have suffered abuse. If she thinks you're treating her like a sex object, purely for your gratification, then it's understandable why she might not be so keen on rear entry sex. Finally, if you have a large penis, she might also be being quite sensible, because it's possible you could hit her cervix when you thrust in this position - and that can be quite painful. If so, then you can get over this by having her keep her cheeks together and thrusting between them, so that you only enter her vagina part of the way. Don't get carried away by your own lust, though and push in deep! You need to talk to her about all this, since part of the way to resolving such problems is about communicating your wishes and desires as well as your fears. You can also use side by side sex positions to generate a feeling of intimacy and connection between you, which will go some way to counteracting any thoughts she has about the rear entry position being impersonal. Just don't forget to tell her how much you love her!

If you can both work to release the goddess in your partner, she may well come to enjoy the sexual freedom and power than doggy style sex allows her. It can be very empowering for a woman to experience her full sexual nature. And since there is deep penetration, you may well be able to stimulate her G spot so she gets a lot of pleasure. And her clitoris is easily reached by either of you, so you can both work on giving her an orgasm during intercourse.

Better Communication may help you to discuss these things with your partner. Talking openly and freely is a great way to help your sex life!

Finally, remember some couples are prejudiced against rear-entry sex positions because they feel it looks like animals mating' others think that by not having face to face sex they are depersonalizing the sexual experience.

However, once rear-entry intercourse   has been experienced such inhibitions usually disappear. For example, if the woman turns over on her belly during lovemaking, spreading her legs wide, and the man mounts her, vaginal entry can easily be achieved. She may have to be helped by raising her pelvis a little, or else the man can put one hand under her to raise her and guide his erection in. With all rear-entry positions, there is no stimulation of the clitoris by the penis, but stimulation by hand comes naturally as the man presses the woman's pubis to deepen his penetration. Penetration is not very deep from this position, but there is hard pressure against the front vaginal wall which can give both man and woman extreme pleasure.  

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