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Lessons about Life from Surfing

16/10/2011 16:35


1. Don’t worry if you don’t catch this wave, there will always be another one just behind it

How many times do we worry and stress that we have “missed an opportunity”? We live in an abundant universe and if you didn’t grab one opportunity, there will always be another one just behind it. Richard Branson says: “Opportunities are like buses, another one comes every 20 minutes”

2. When you are waiting for a wave, just sit on your board and be patient – don’t thrash about in the water wasting your energy

How much of your time are you “thrashing about” do things that make you feel busy? Rather than just resting, relaxing and waiting for the opportunity or inspired thought and only then taking action.

3. When you are on the wave, ride it with all your might and enjoy every second of it

When you have grabbed an opportunity, ride it! Put in all your energy, effort and focus. Be present to what you are doing. And enjoy the ride.

4. Be friendly with the other surfers – we’re all in this together

Life is a team sport, even though it may feel like you are paddling alone. Enjoy connecting with others.

5. The more you practice, the better you get and the more you enjoy it

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell writes about the theory of “10 000 hours of practice = mastery”. In life the more you practice, the better you get. You can’t expect to be a pro without putting in the practice. The trick here is that when you follow your passions and love what you do, the hours of practice feel fun, exhilarating and exciting – just like surfing.

6. The sea is bigger than you, respect the bigger force

You can’t dictate to the sea the size of the waves and when you want them. Similarly God is in control of the waves of life. You are not in control, the sooner you realize this, the easier your surfing becomes. Your job is simply to ride the waves.

7. When you are too tired – get out of the water!

So often we keep doing things because we feel we “should” or we “have to”. This may be as simple as stopping your work and having a 10 minute walk outside, or as necessary as taking a few weeks holiday. Resting and taking a break always gives one a good perspective and allows you to come back with renewed fresh energy to enjoy surfing life again!



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