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Eye Care Tips for Computer users

04/10/2011 15:19




Tips On EYE Care For Computer User :

Many of us spend a lot of time infront of computer which results in eye burning and irritation. If not taken cae of early on, this may adversely affect our vision. Herse are some tips on eye care, which can help computer users.


Lighting Makes All The Difference :

Use diffused instead of direct lighting in the room when working on your computer. This is done to reduse glare and ref;ection fro your screen. Make sure you set the colour, contrast and brightness levels suits you.


Little Extra help for your Glasses :

You can use anti-reflective coatings on the lences of your glasses to reduse discomfort and to ease redused vision from bright orflickering light sources such as VDTs and fluorescent lights. Your doctor could also recommend you eyeglasses designed specially for people who use computers a lot.


Step I.

Take a break after every 20 minutes. Turn your head and and try to look at any object placed at least 20 feet away. This changes the focus length of your eyes and is a must-do for the tired eyes.


Step II

Try and blink your eyes for 20 times in succession, to moisten them.


it's all in the blinking :

Did you know that on average we blink 12 times per minute? But wait, did you also know that when we are on the computer we only blink 5 times per minute? That can add up to dry eyes. Relieve the discomfort by by using artificial tear drops or gels and Remember To Blink !



Sit straight at your workstation and rub your palms against each other till you feel them warm. The warmth of your palms helps soothe and relax tires eyes. Then lightly cup your eyes with yourpalm and relax for 60 seconds. Count the seconds in your mind and repeat this exercise whenever your eyes feel tred or as often as you want.


Splash Water on your Face:

During breaks splash water on your face with your eyes closed. This has an overall relaxing effect and leaves you refreshed.


Use tea bags

keep two tea bags in the refrigerator before you leave for work. Once you are home place the tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes as you relax. This not only soothes tired eyes but also reduces puffiness.

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