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12/11/2011 16:23

New Social Media website Launched !!!

     The Social media company Mydupe Inc, launched a new Social media website on 11-11-2011 at 11:11 am. this site offers to find your ditto faces , friends with your same name, and same date of birth. and it offers All the functions of a social media site too. you can...
12/11/2011 16:22

new social media website Launched on 11.11.2011 at11

  Visit and register, its free....!!!! www.mydupe.com
16/10/2011 16:00

“ways to make money with a website”

            There are several lists with “ways to make money with a website” on the Internet, but none of them seem to be complete. That is why I decided to create this one.   Ways to make money with a website are different from ways...


09/12/2011 17:41

Want to Really Turn Your Boyfriend On?

  Want to Really Turn Your Boyfriend On? Check Out These Examples on How to Talk Dirty! Are you looking for some helpful examples on how...
23/09/2011 14:23

Too young to wed

According to the UNICEF standards, matrimony of one or both male and female below the age of 18 is considered child marriage. However, in the...
23/09/2011 14:09

Stay Alert

  Is poor sleep the bane of your existence? Does it lead to goof ups at home and in the workplace? If you have answered yes to both these...
24/09/2011 20:05

RIM unveils five new BlackBerries

Toronto : In its biggest ever global launch of smart phones, Research In Motion (RIM) Wednesday unveiled five new BlackBerry models running on its...
24/09/2011 20:07

Pregnant woman can now announce status on Facebook

London :  Expectant mothers can now announce their pregnant status on social network site Facebook -- complete with baby names and the...

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24/09/2011 19:58

Our brain keeps growing well into our 20s

Toronto: Our brain continues to grow well into our 20s -- not just stopping at adolescence as once thought in medical science. New evidence to this effect has been unearthed by biomedical...
24/09/2011 19:53

Manmohan asks UN to meet global challenges collectively

United Nations: Calling upon the UN to once again embrace the principles of internationalism to meet global challenges from economic downturn to terrorism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Saturday...
24/09/2011 19:59

HTC launches Sensation smartphone in India

New Delhi: Mobile handsets manufacturer HTC Corp Thursday launched its smartphone HTC Sensation in the Indian market and said it will launch its HTC Flyer tablets in a couple of weeks. "HTC...
25/09/2011 14:45

How to Stay at No. 1

  Niklas Hed, co-founder of Rovio Mobile, maker of Angry Birds The game, released in December 2009, has been downloaded more than 200 million times.   In May of last year,...
23/09/2011 14:14

Giving up her identity

Brides all over the world take their husband’s name after marriage. It has been a custom for ages and even till date many don’t question it. Although post the feminist explosion of the 1970s many...


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